How to save SAS Part II

Not long ago I wrote about how SAS can survive. First of all I focused on simplifying the fleet as the major way to simplify the organization. The simpler fleet has to come before SAS can be as effective as Norwegian and Ryanair. And I see no reason why SAS cannot be as efficient as Ryanair and Norwegian.

But in order to compete against Ryanair and Norwegian the employees have to cooperate with the management. Sometimes you take, and sometimes you give. Since SAS is in a very bad shape the employees has to give more in order to save their own job. SAS Denmark is still a problem.

I congratulate the SAS management for thinking about abandoning SAS Denmark. I fail to see why SAS Denmark employees do not understand that they are part of the reason SAS are struggling. Their lack of cooperation is the reason why SAS is losing footprint in Copenhagen airport. Instead of being disloyal they could have fought for their rights else were, than sabotaging their own company.

It is said that the most dangerous people are those who believe that they are a victim. When this happens a person is capable in killing. It seems like this might be the case with the workers in Copenhagen. They believe that they are victims. And like it or not their feelings can end up killing SAS. Too bad, because I believe that there are many Danish employees who would have fought for SAS instead of against SAS.

Time to elect new employee representatives? I am pretty sure that somewhere in the Danish union there are some pretty arrogant people who manipulate the situation for everyone else, but fails to see that they them self are the reason for killing SAS. I hope someday we will know what was happening behind the scenes

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