Viser innlegg fra august, 2009

Starting my own company

I just registered myself on as a BizSpark Startup. This is a service offered by Microsoft. I am a bit skeptical about services like this. But after registering I see that the service offered by Microsoft really offers a good site for entrepreneurs. I got free access to many tools that normally would cost a lot of money. And I there are many investors registered as well, so I got an arena to talk with potential investors. Still, no lunch is free and to start a company will still take all of my time for a long time.Read more about BixSpark here:

Boeing 787 – A leap too far?

When Boeing launched their 787 they wanted a major leap in technology over existing designs. The A330-200 and A330-300 proved more efficient than the 767-300ER, 767-400ER and 777-200A. It offered much more cargo than the 767 competitors, and weighed 10 tons less than the 777-200A while carrying almost the same payload. Boeing had a gap in their portfolio, which the 787 was supposed to fill. Boeing wanted their 787 to be a leap in technology compared to the A330 so that it would offer a 20% lower cost. They also wanted to offer better comfort than the A330. It was supposed to be faster, offer better humidity, and larger windows. To achieve all that Boeing decided to make the plane in composite. More than 50% of the airplanes weight was designed in composites. Up from 10% on the Boeing 777. This achievement would be a generation leap compared to the newest A380 design from Airbus. But Boeing did not stop there. In order to make the fuselage even more efficient Boeing made fuselage barr…