Explorer view hassle – How to make it work with Vista.


In my region we use Microsoft Learning Gateway (MLG). It features a standard SharePoint 2007 installation with some modified web parts. All users log into MLG through the ISA server. What I like about MLG is that everybody uses it. The administration, the teachers, the pupils as well as the parents uses MLG. We have 36 000 users. The teachers upload and download documents with the help of SharePoint Explorer view. With the introduction of Windows Vista for teachers, this turned out to be a very painful experience. It worked at first, and then it did not work. We did a thorough research and trouble shooting. But it has been hard to lock down why explorer view suddenly has failed. We installed several hotfixes to make the explorer view more reliable. But every once in a while we get a phone or e-mail about a teacher unable to access libraries using Explorer View. This happens when the SharePoint server has been updated, but the same update has not reached the teachers client. That is why we try to send out updates at the same time the server is upgraded. But no matter how coordinated these updates are, we are not able to reach all computers at once. Some are home from work, and others are not e in use for some days. But once the update is installed explorer view works just fine.

You can read more about Explrer hassle here:


We hope that the Explorer view hassle will be solved when we update our server to SharePoint Workspace 2010.


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