Viser innlegg fra mars, 2011

Earthquake in Japan relief scam

Update 1: An even bigger scam has been discovered doctors without borders has been exposed of a hoax site that claims to be the official, and Twitter messages claiming to be real. So be careful, and make sure you are visiting real sites! Here is an article in Norwegian: obviously knows no limits. The world is still not over the shock of what have happened in Japan. The thousands of people who needs help and the heroes that sacrifice their life in order to save their country makes every decent human want to offer the help their can. However, greedy and wicked people are now offering to take some of the relief money to their account. They are now sending out e-mails to claim money and using this disaster to their benefit. I am very disappointed that humans can be so evil. Do not send your money to people that are sending out these kind of e-mails. Find a national or internationally known humanitarian movement like the Red C…