07 juli, 2009

Ryanair does it again

If there is something Ryanair is good at, it is to get high publicity now and then. Not Long ago CEO Michael O'Leary said that the airline was serious about charging for toilet visits. He stated that they could add some more rows of seats if they were able to remove some or all toilets.

This week O’Leary is in the news again stating that they would like to have people standing in the plane. O’Leary says they get 20 - 30 % more passengers into the plane. A spokesperson later on confirmed that they were in talks with Boeing about the idea, and that they would be offer a kind of bar stools.

Afraid you will be standing on your next flight or you will have to pay to go to the bathroom? Then you can relax. Ryanair flies the Boeing 737-800. The 737-800 is certified for 189 passengers. Ryanair has filled the 737-800 with 189 seats already. If they would like more seats into their current airplanes they would need more emergency exits. This would be so expensive that it would not be worth the investment.

For now, Ryanair is getting some free publicity. Boeing is in no hurry to replace their 737-800 as it is a very efficient plane already. And we have not yet started talking about the authorities. Will they allow passengers to stand in a plane? I have my doubts.

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